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Want non-judgemental feedback?  


Struggling with the work/life balance? 


Confused about how to make progress?


Want to express your concerns confidentially? 




With Quantum Renaissance you will:



Find a non-judgemental partnership geared to your long term success. 


Get a lasered balanced focus to resolve the work/life balance puzzle.


Find clarity on your objectives to make your actions effective. 


Share your concerns freely and in strict confidence.




Quantum Renaissance business coaching:


Where the business of business is shared, lightened and resolved.

Seize the moment and create the business you want

About us

Quantum Renaissance is a coaching business whose purpose is to facilitate the success of its clients by unlocking their potential. Quantum Renaissance is derived from quantum leap (a sudden large increase or advance) and renaissance (a revival or rebirth).


Seize the moment and get your 

Quantum Renaissance.


Phone: 0345 257 8932


Quantum Renaissance,

27 Old Gloucester Street,

London WC1N 3AX.

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