Coaching in practice

Coaching sessions sometimes occur in person, face to face, but it is

usually over the telephone.


Telephone appointments have a number of advantages, including:

1. No travel time, no traffic jams and no problems with public transport.

2. The client chooses the most suitable place to have each session.

3. No judgements of personal appearances can influence coaching sessions.


These advantages help to make each session an even more effective use of the client's time. Sessions usually take 30 or 60 minutes, once a week and initially for a set number of weeks or months. Individual sessions are available, usually for single issues. Consistency is a significant factor in the effectiveness of the coaching process. Making progress takes time to achieve, just as getting ‘fit and healthy’ takes time to achieve.     

No geographic limitations

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Quantum Renaissance is a coaching business whose purpose is to facilitate the success of its clients by unlocking their potential. Quantum Renaissance is derived from quantum leap (a sudden large increase or advance) and renaissance (a revival or rebirth).


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