A N writes


Life Coaching:



As a mother to a young son, I was constantly  struggling with the delicate balance of family life and


my career. Before coaching from Quantum Renaissance, I only had a very vague idea about what I


wanted to achieve, and had no plans set out to help me do so. They helped me realise  my


potential, visualise  my goals and create  steps to achieve  these. Helping  me with my life plans has


given me more  motivation, and I feel  an overwhelming  excitement about the  future. I’m returning


to  university in a couple  of months,  as just  the first  step in  my plan,  hopefully  working  towards


a successful career.



Highlighting  the importance  of time  management,  QR has helped  me to construct a realistic


ten-year  plan using my  specific interests and  skills so I know what I am aiming  for  and feel 


confident that  I am no  longer wasting  time  trying to  decide which path to follow.



This  life  coaching has  been hugely  beneficial  to  me. Not  only  do  I have  clear, achievable


goals  in mind,  but I also feel  a great  weight has  been lifted  from my shoulders. I  can now  stop 


waiting  for things  to happen,  but go and  make  them happen myself!



Personal Training:



Since the birth of my son, I have struggled with my weight. Lack of exercise and bad choices had


led to me gaining quite a lot of excess weight, and my overall health and fitness has suffered  as a


result. I used to think it  was always going to be a struggle, but he really helped me understand the  


consequences of my choices and helped me to change my habits.



QR first  set a realistic  and achievable  goal, then set  out a clear health  and fitness plan by


explaining the things I would have to do to succeed. This included nutritional advice and an 


exercise regime that  I could  fit around  my daily life.  Above all, he made it simple for me  to set


about making changes, and  was there to motivate me when I was feeling  discouraged. This


regular  contact  and re-evaluation,  I believe, was key to my success.



I  initially  wanted to  lose weight and  tone up for  my wedding – to  fit into a  dress many sizes too


small. I achieved my goal and felt amazing on the day. Not only that, but  their  training  has stayed 


with me  and the  effects  have  lasted well  past  the wedding  date. My  attitude to  food has 


changed, and  I now enjoy  exercise  with a passion! Today, I have  a more positive body image, 


thanks to Adrian, and am fully motivated to keep going!




Yours sincerely,




Mrs A N   


M M writes

I contacted Quantum Renaissance three months ago, at a time when I felt overburdened with my extremely busy schedule. There weren’t enough hours in the day to do what I needed to do and I

was becoming  increasingly stressed to the  point where I just couldn’t  cope. Consequently I was exhausted, less productive and lacking confidence in my ability.


QR has been giving me life coaching sessions over the phone for the past eight weeks. During

that time, it  has given  me strategies to  cope with my workload  and enabled  me to step back

from  the stress.  I now  feel empowered to be  more productive  in less  time.  With their  help I

now feel my confidence returning and can actually look forward to the day ahead.


My coach has a very calm and confident manner and clearly knows how to tailor his life coaching 

to  individual  requirements.   I feel  that  he  truly  understands  the  challenges I  face  and  can

empathise with my situation.  We have  built up a very  strong rapport  over the  last eight weeks.

I have recommended them to friends and look forward to every life coaching session.


Yours faithfully,




K V writes


I found the coaching sessions with them difficult at first. I was encouraged to focus and decide on a number of things. I couldn't decide what was  really important and what I thought was important to change. What I thought  initially would bring about the ultimate change I wanted  in part turned out
wrong.  My  coach  gently  raised  issues  about  my  responses,  for  example,  where  they  were
inconsistent and helped me better understand  the impact of my chosen lifestyle. He changed tactic when I got stuck and encouraged me to  take a step at a time and  in my case get the basics of my
life  style  under  control; sleeping  patterns, energy  levels and taking  back control  of day  to day
issues that I was not controlling well.
Since I have learnt to deal  with the basics, and I am still working on them, and  consequently I am
now looking at the next  level of changes I need to make before I can  get to where I say I want to
get to. 
Through the weeks coaching has made more and more sense and I don't feel as much resistance to making changes  to my life style.  Of late I  have found  my coach inspirational.  He has taken  me
forward step  by step, pressed me to take actions  that I could cope with, and  enabled me to grow
my confidence about making the changes I say I want to make. Some of them I realise now I don't really want to make and I have parked them and I feel it is ok.
Now I find my confidence has increased, making changes is not hard  and therefore doing anything
that I want to do does not seem so hard which in turn builds my confidence again.
I have Quantum  Renaissance to thank for this  and their belief that everyone can benefit from Life Coaching. QR  has  enabled me to see my  world as a  world of  opportunities  before I saw  it as a 
world full of obstacles. I  have gone through the hard bit, which didn't take too long, and now know that working at making the changes every week and talking to my QR coach every week (yes - on
top of everything  else) that I am beginning to  prioritise properly and I will  achieve the life style I
say I want and guess what  - change is no longer  a challenge it is a chance to get nearer to where I
want to be.


P W writes



          Adrian from Quantum Renaissance has been my life coach for sometime now. I keep going


back to them. It gives my life order and I stay on purpose. QR goes the extra mile and values their


clients. I  find him  to be  very  professional, understanding  and caring. I don't  think I  could have 


turned  my  life around  without  them. He's  got me to  be  realistic, to  plan and take  action. With 


QR my life moves forward every week. I can't wait to speak to him to progress my life. My life feels


more at peace.



Thank you Quantum Renaissance for everything.





HJ writes

Adrian, from Quantum Renaissance, assisted me in a fundraising project ( A trek to Machu Picchu for St.Lukes hospice). 


We did a once a month telephone call session in which he set me various tasks which I later fed back my progress/or lack of. The emphasis was for me to talk, with Adrian guiding me. Initially these tasks proved problematical and the fundraising objective was only partly met, however I was able to become more pro-active and I created and held events which were out of my comfort zone.


Adrian decided we should concentrate, based on my feedback, on one area to persue; this we saw as an overall goal that would encompass many of the others, and the others would fall into place. Adrian also decided that this would be an overall goal, ie  to get what I want from from life. 


We narrowed this down to two areas 1. To improve my self esteem/confidence, 2. To become an artist/art teacher.


By choosing the latter the former would come as a matter of course. This gradual refinement process proved successful and I now feel more empowered and free of many of  many of the restraints that governed me. As well, Adrian in conclusion, would ask me what I liked about the session and what I didn't (I was able to use this in my fundraising sessions).


Talking about these matters is always good, however it can point you in a different direction you hitherto would never have thought and that in itself is a recommendation.





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